*Faye's Book Class is free to all those who signed up for her "Swan Song" workshop, week 4.  Books were specified and time ran out, so Faye will finish teaching how to make these 4-5 books in 2023.  The class will be conducted by Faye at the end of each month's meeting--beginning approximately at 1:00 p.m.


Here is Faye's explanation in her own words:

"In January I will pass out materials and get everyone started on the text block which they will finish at home. They should bring the finished pages in February and make covers to complete the book and in March we will do a book block and take it home to finish if not done in class.  That month we are doing marbled paper and in April we will use the marbled paper to cover the book block taught in March. In June we could use sink art as pages and in June emboss paper and use it to cover our sink art pages and take a bit of extra time to finish a simple book. In September we will make pages for a book that we will cover in October  I will try to incorporate the accordion book Mary is teaching in this structure if possible. All paper supplies are part of the class fee. The fees have already been paid by members of last year’s group and there is room for about 5 new people I think. The cost I suggest is $40.00 for the new ones.  I do not want each class to go longer than one hour if possible, but will build in a bit of wiggle room."

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