Bookhand & Foundational

taught by Liz Margetts

Saturday, September 23, 2023

10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

at the

Utah Cultural Celebration Center

1355 West 3100 South • West Valley City, UT



This September, we will learn, for some, review for others, the hand with three names: Bookhand, Foundational & Roman Miniscules. 


Learning Bookhand (as I call it) will teach the student pen control, pen angle, and letter spacing, to name only a few techniques.  The letters are familiar, and readable.  No, it is not "fancy" but it is clean, and, if done well, it can be beautiful!  


  • Speedball C-2 nib and a pen holder
  • Graph pad –– 8 squares to the inch
  • Slant board if you use one.
  • Writing fluid such as Higgins Eternal or Walnut Ink
  • Pencil, ruler, pencil sharpener and eraser
  • A colored pencil, preferably red, but any bright color will do.
  • Paper towels
  • Water container for rinsing your nib
  • An Apron to keep you clean.


The second part of our meeting was put together by our incomparable Carol Snyder.  She has procured various supplies from John Neal.  These are supplies that we can "try and buy" if we so desire––inks, paper, nibs & various other tools & products including books!  An order will be placed at the September meeting, and you can pick up ordered items  at the October meeting. Pay in October when you pick up your order.


Please go to the "2023 Handouts" tab at the top of this page and

print the September handouts to use at this meeting.

You will need the handouts to participate.

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