In our November Zoom Meeting for Reggie's Class, Reggie offered us some calfskin vellum that he had prepared.  He had a 6"X8" piece for each class member if they chose to purchase one.  The cost is $15.  Please pay with PayPal using the button below.

Prepared calfskin vellum 6X8 inches
15.00 USD

Calfskin vellum prepared by Reggie Ezell.

In our September Reggie Class each participant was given a large envelope containing various supplies.  One very important supply was a a packet of metal leaf––mostly gold.  All 20 class members now owe $40 for that metal leaf.  Below, you will find a $40 PayPal button.  By using a credit card, you can easily pay for the metal leaf.  We ask that you pay for this by the end of the year, but prefer to receive it before our next Reggie Class, November 20-21.

Reggie's Metal Leaf
40.00 USD

Metal leaf--mostly gold in the September Envelope. Furnished by Reggie Ezell.

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