On the morning of January 21, most of Utah woke up to SNOW.  It was piled on the fences and cars and covered our driveways and roadways.  This was not just a skiff of snow, but this was the largest snow storm of the winter.  Some places had over a foot of the white stuff.

Many UCA members were trapped in their homes––the car would not start or the road was not plowed.  But there were a few intrepid souls who were able to brave the weather and arrive safely at the Cultural Center for our first UCA meeting of 2017. 


Brecken Cook, our new president, welcomed everyone.  Gwynne Smith, a talented and knowledgeable teacher and calligrapher gave those who were present a thorough lesson on the Roman capital letters.  The pencil was the tool they all used.  Gwynne gave participants several handouts to help them understand the letter structure.


Gwynne brought several excellent texts which deal with Roman Capitals, including Sheila Waters' wonderful  book, Foundations of Calligraphy.  In the section on Roman Capitals, Sheila reminds us to "practice writing Roman proportions in monoline, with soft pencil or pointed marker, between lines one half inch apart."  She then cautions, "watch for narrow letters becoming too wide, wide letters becoming too narrow and letter-spacing becoming too cramped."


Our outgoing president, Lyn Lynch, was honored at the meeting and presented with a lovely gift to thank her for her dedicated two years of service to UCA.


A binder to hold all the handouts for the year will be presented to all those who pay their dues for 2017.  Brecken Cook designed the cover for the binder and it is charming.  Our theme for 2017 is "Hands of History"  This year we will reveiw 8 different lettering styles or "hands."  Each style is historic and each is fun but challenging to learn.  We hope you will join us each month to discover these wonderful "Hands."


Handouts from the meeting are available on this website.  They can be found by selecting the "Calendar and Handouts" tab at the left of this page.  In addition to Gwynne's houndouts for Roman Caps, there is another set of hanouts concerning matting & framing.  These went with a presentation by Faye Maxfield and Liz Margetts that was scheduled to be given after Gwynne's presentation, however weather and other circumstances kept them from the meeting, but members may find the information useful as we have an exhibit coming up later this month.


Photos at top are courtesy of Lyn Lynch.



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