Many UCA members gathered at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City on Saturday, March 17th to review the Uncial alphabet.  Faye Maxfield was the instructor and she did a great job of taking everyone through this wonderful alphabet.  Variations were introduced and Faye also gave everyone a project for homework––make a pencil and pen container from the matierials and instructions Faye gave us.

(Handouts and Instructions can be found  under the Calendar and Handouts tab).

We also checked out the books and materials ordered from John Neal, Bookseller.  Our thanks to John and Carol Snyder for making this possible.

We also checked out the homework from our February meeting.  Many pieces can be seen in the slide show above and others are displayed below. 

Photo Left:  Brecken Cook made the Pen & Pencil Holder in this photo.



I am sorry that I can't attribute all these really wonderful pieces to the calligraphers/artists who produced them.  Sadly, I was not present at the March meeting and do not have that information. 

I do wish to thank Faye Maxfield for teaching Uncial in March, since she was substituting for me.  Faye has been my dear friend for more than thirty years.  I am always amazed at her knowledge and skill, and I know she gave you a lot of wonderful information gleaned from her many years of experience.

Thanks to Brecken Cook, who added to her already heavy load as UCA President, by taking the photos you see here.

I can always count on Lyn Lynch to help me out by sharing her handouts, transporting the sign-in book, etc. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the April Meeting.

Liz Margetts

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