Brecken Cook, our UCA President, not only conducted our January meeting, she also taught Italic with a Speedball C-2 nib and then showed us how to make a folded pen.  After using the Speedball nib, we tried our hand at writing Italic with the folded pen while using watercolors as our ink.

Brecken used Facetime on her phone to connect to her computer in order to project her demonstrations on the screen so all could see.

We first went over the Italic lowercase letters, and then tried our hand at the uppercase or Majuscule letters.

We welcomed several new-commers and guests to our meeting.  Once again, we had a snow storm on our first meeting of the new year.  However, this did not keep many people home.  We had a nice large group.

Brecken gave us all the materials for making our folded pens––a 6" dowel, small sheet of brass, a piece of "shrink tubing" and instructions from Carol Dubosh. Originally, these pens were made from soda pop cans, thus they were named "Pop-Can Pens." This is what Brecken learned in the class she took last July from Carol Dubosh. We began working with the sheet of brass, which was .oo5 thickness, however .008 thinkness also works.  The heat shrink tubing can be found in most hardware stores, or can be purchased in rolls from Amazon.  We cut out the paper pattern, traced it on our brass, cut the brass and punched holes in the designated areas.  After rounding the brass so it could be taped onto the dowel, the brass was then folded and cut with scissors to make the blade.  We pulled an embossing tool along the fold from the handle to the tip.  Finally, we put the tubing on the handle, over the tape holding the blade to the handle.  We then used heat guns to shrink the tubing tightly to the handle.  It was a lot of fun, and the pens all looked very professionally done!

We had a great time writing with our new pens using watercolors––mostly the Prang pan colors.  You can see some photos at the top of this page.  We were given a homework assignment for you to bring to our February meeting.  That assignment can be found by going to the "Homework" tab above or by clicking HERE.

Brecken gave us a lot of really good handouts whch can be found on the "Calendar & Handouts" tab.  We had a really enjoyable time, despite the snow outside.  Thanks to Brecken for a wonderful kick-off to our new calligraphic year!!

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