Jane brought us through the Roman Proportions in easiest to hardest order: I L F E T H A V N M W Z K X Y J U P B R D O G C Q S. Each letter belongs to a family based on width. And a helpful tip to forming the O is to rotate your paper and use the curve that writing from your wrist creates. 

We had a table full of homework! The prize was an extra long pencil box. 
We then bent the rules by pressurizing with pencil. Same forms, but with thicks and thins made by the pressure applied to the pencil. Have a few sheets of paper under you. Use a 2B or softer pencil, and it works better with a slightly dull pencil. Try to ease in and out of the pressure to create smooth transitions between the thicks and thins. 
At the end of the meeting we assembled fans to send to Seattleletters. Many hands made light work. 
Thanks to Brecken Cook for the article and photos!

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