Four Separate Workshops

August 5 & 6 and August 12 & 13

Utah Cultural Celebration Center

1355 West 3100 South • West Valley City, UT

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day

Each separate class will cost $25 plus a $5.00 supply fee.  If you want to take all 4 classes there is a special price of $90 plus a $10 supply fee. 

This is a saving to you of $20.


Faye Maxfield has decided to present four separate workshops for UCA members this coming August. 


In these workshops, Faye will teach some of the many techniques and tips learned over a period of more than 40 years.  


Faye is accomplished in lettering with various tools, paper decorating and book binding, among many other things.


For several years, Faye taught lettering and design at Salt Lake Community College. She has attended many Lettering Conferences throughout the United States and Canada.


We are fortunate that Faye wants to share some of her accumulated knowledge with UCA!

SESSION I • AUGUST 5, 2022 • "T" Time––tricks, tools & treatments

In this session, we will put together little kits containing items with which to clean, repair, etc. your tools and your lettering.  We will use some contents of the kits to practice withWe will trace two simple lettering styles, even beginners can use effectively.  We will leave time to ask and answer questions, no matter how foolish they may seem to you.  Faye loves to answer all questions, so bring them with you.  That is how we learn!


Faye will have a couple of surprises and giveaways––fun and learning by sharing is our purpose!  You will be putting together a small booklet filled with helpful hints for anybody who loves letters and just loves experimenting with inks and paints.

SESSION 2 • AUGUST 6, 2022 • Putting On The Paint

 In this session, we will learn several ways to have paper the color and texture you want.

We will paint at least 5 or 6 papers, and learn several ways to improve and use paper.  We will also have some information about other ways to enhance, decorate and design painted papers.  These papers and techniques are things you can do at home without a lot of equipment.


All supplies are included in the cost of the class, but if you have some papers of your own you would like to bring so everyone in the class can try, you may do so.


During class, we will take a bit of time to refesh your memories and introduce you to the two simple monoline letter forms used on Friday. Then we will try putting pencil on a small sample of the paper types we painted, and put the samples and instruction in a simple folder.


In this session, we will begin by writing out a haiku we have created, or by choosing a haiku written by someone else.  This haiku will be used on a final project lettered with the monoline alphabet used in Session 1.  Using several different materials and supplies, we will experiment with, and discuss simple rules for layout and design, and for color choices we want to make. 


We will make and/or decorate several cards and other small projects.  The final project will be a wall hanging scroll with a haiku written either in pencil or ink, with a chop added for decoration!


SESSION 4 • AUGUST 13, 2022 • BOOKS "R" US

In this session, we are going to make little books––4, 5, or more, as time permits!  We will use the papers from the painted papers class, and Faye will have papers for those who didn't attend the Session 2 class.  We will begin with a simple book structure and progress to books that are a bit more complex.  You are welcome to keep your pages blank, or you can add content.  One or two of the books we will be making will have content as part of the learning experience.  Some of the things made and or learned in the first 3 sessions might be useful if participants have them to bring.


There will be a book fair with some of Faye's books for sale or used as door prizes!


You can register for each class by paying the class charges using the PayPal buttons you will find here.  Each class has its own button.  This is the way we will know which class you want.  Be sure to use the correct button!!  The class price + the materials fee is added together.

Remember, you do not need a PayPal account to use the buttons, only a credit card is required.

Faye's Session 1--"T" Time
30.00 USD

Faye Maxfield wiill teach tricks, tools, truths and treatments for those who have signed up for her class. They will also learn 2 monoline alphabets that can be used in each of the 4 sessions Faye will teach.

Faye's Session 2--Putting on the Paint
30.00 USD

Faye Maxfield will teach Session 2 of her workshops. She will show participants ways to treat paper that will give them the color and texture they want.

Faye's Session 3--Haiku Anyone
30.00 USD

Faye Maxfield will teach the art of using a haiku as the basis of a finished project. This will teach layout and design and color choices. A final project will be a wall hanging scroll with the haiku written in pen or pencil.

Faye's Session 4––Books "R" US
30.00 USD

Faye will teach the class members how to construct several small books. These will begin as simple and progress to more complex books. Faye will display some of the books she has made to provide an example to the class.

For those who want to take all 4 sessions, here is a separate PayPal button. 

The price to take all 4 classes is $90 with a $10 materials fee.  This is the button to use:

All Four Sessions of Faye's Workshops
100.00 USD

By choosing this option, a person can save $20 and participate in all four sessions of Faye's Workshops. This will be a fantastic learning event for any beginners and experienced calligraphers. Faye will be sharing a wealth of knowledge gathered over 40+ years of Calligraphy and Design experience.

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