We had a wonderful UCA Meeting on Saturday, April 21.  Judy Sommerfeldt guided us through Freidrich Neugebauer's delightful upper-case caps, which are based on the Neuland alphabet.  We studied Neuland in March, and now had the opportunity to try our hand at using Neugebauer's caps to form a wonderful textured page that can be used for several calligrapic purposes.

These letter forms are taken from Freidrich Neugebauer's book, The Mystic Art of Written Forms.  This is a wonderful book full of letter forms––contemporary and modern.  It is on Reggie Ezell's list of "must have books."

On paper attached to the front wall, Judy wrote each letter, precisley and confidently.  She encouraged us to use our pencil at first.  We then transfered to a Speedball B nib.  Using a crowquill or an EF 66 nib, we squared off the beginning and ending strokes.  By adding color or filling counter spaces with color, we learned we could add visual effects that were very eye-catching.

Neugebauer Caps are another tool we can add to our calligraphic tool box.

Before we tried our hand at making the intricate Portland origami envelope developed by Hedi Kyle, Judy gave us our homework assignment.  You can find this under the "Homework Assignment" tab (or button) at the very top of this page.

Brecken Cook encouraged us to use a practice sheet for our Portland envelope.  She then carefully took us throuh each step of the folding process.  We had an instruction sheet, but it was even better to watch Brecken.  Some of us needed a little extra hands-on help from Brecken.  When completed, the envelope was tight and looked so lovely. 

The handouts for the Neugebauer Caps and the Portland envelope can be found on the "Calendar & Handouts" tab (button) at the top of this page.


We want to thank Carol Snyder for her fantastic work of bringing in the "Take and Make" supplies from John Neal, and for handling all the books and supplies for our John Neal Book Fair.  This required an unimaginable amount of time and effort!!

We also want to thank Lyn Lynch for taking care of the homework prizes each month.  It makes it a little more exciting to do homework as we anticipate what prize may be in store!

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