ABC•XYZ Necklaces Designed by Carol DuBosch







UCA is selling these beautiful ABC•XYZ necklaces that were designed by Carol DuBosch.  One is very gold and one is silver––technically gold or nickle electroplate.


You may purchase these here through UCA's PayPal Button.  You do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card.


The Gold toned necklace is $18.25


The Silver toned necklace is $18.00


The price DOES include shipping.

Silver Toned ABC•XYZ Necklace
18.00 USD

Silver toned (nickle electroplate) ABC•XYZ Necklace, designed by Carol DuBosch, and sold by Utah Calligraphic Artists Price includes Shipping.

Gold Toned ABC•XYZ Necklace
18.25 USD

Gold toned ABC•XYZ Necklace designed by Carol DuBosch and sold by Utah Calligraphic Artists. Price includes shipping.

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